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  • 9 in 1 Set HD Camera Phone Lens Kit] Odder-spot camera lens kit includes a 12X telephoto lens, 120° wide angle lens, 20x macro lens, star mirror lens, nano HD CPL lens, universal clip, tripod, eye cup and sports box. Turn your phone into a portable telescope and a high-definition single lens SLR camera. This camera kit allows you to take great photos anytime, anywhere. No more carrying bulky SLR cameras.
  • is designed with industrial grade aluminum shell and high-quality optical lens. It can make your mobile phone be able to shoot the objects in the distance more clearly. When you shoot the objects that you cannot or do not want to approach, it is very convenient. Eye cup can be used for single-tube telescope. It is widely used for watching games (football games, basketball games, etc.), concerts, bird watching, wild animals and landscapes, etc.
  •  120°wide angle lens adds more content for your shooting, which is very suitable for urban landscape, outdoor scenery or group photo. 20X macro lens allows you to get more clearer details when shooting jewelry, insects and flowers. Star lens when you take pictures of city night scene, starry sky, Christmas tree, etc., more shiny and charming appearance. Nano HD CPL lens can improve the clarity and expressiveness of images, such as reflected light caused by water and glass.
  • Universal detachable clamp design, work on most popular brands and models of smart phones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad and more.